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“Uplifting!” Diana Larsen
“An invaluable treasure.” Jutta Eckstein
“I could not recommend it more.” Bob Galen
“A cunning companion.” Maarten Dalmijn
“Highly recommended!” Roman Pichler
“A must-have book.” Jeff Gothelf
“Groundbreaking book.” Jorgen Hesselberg

Scrum is a framework of infinite possibilities, yet its essence often gets misinterpreted, ignored, or simply bent to whatever seems desirable. Stefan Wolpers, with years of skin in the game, brings you the “Scrum Anti-Patterns Guide: Challenges Every Scrum Team Faces and How to Overcome Them,” the reference delineating the common Scrum pitfalls that thwart teams from unleashing their full potential.

This guide isn’t just an exposé of Scrum dysfunctions; it’s your roadmap to turn these stumbling blocks into milestones toward Scrum mastery. Through vivid illustrations, real-world examples, and robust theoretical backing, Stefan not only unveils the anti-patterns but also delves into their origins and how you can overcome them, making the path to mastery a tangible, achievable reality.

No two Scrum practices are the “same”; herein lies the beauty and the challenge. The “Scrum Anti-Patterns Guide” is your companion in unraveling the complex tapestry of Scrum, ensuring you’re well-equipped to transform challenges into steppingstones of growth, learning, and continuous improvement.

Dive into this guide’s practical, actionable insights, refine your Scrum practice, and lead your team towards delivering value sprint after sprint. With the “Scrum Anti-Patterns Guide,” empower yourself to practice and excel at Scrum!


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